Our company was established at a part of the Soka-Yashio Industrial Park in
Saitama Prefecture Japan, June 18, 1970 for the purpose of producing chemicals (especially fine ones such as pharmaceutical intermediates).

Since we started our business as a small company with only about 20 employees in total, we have been continuously making every effort to enrich equipment and apparatus, to develop technology innovations, to hire excellent manpower, and to develop human resources.

Now the number of employees has increased to about 60, and with our new technology establishment, construction of facilities for production of APIs and other enhancement , we receive great patronage from customers as a multipurpose factory being able to meet various needs of customers.


Founding of Sun Chemical.


Started to produce an amino acid (methionine) at the 1st plant.

Mar,1971 Completion of the 2nd plant construction, started to produce 1,8- diaminonaphthalene.
Agu,1972 Started to produce another an amino acid (valine).
Feb,1974 Establishment of new refrigerating equipment
(100 tons of refrigeration).
Feb,1977 Completion of an activated sludge system.
Jun,1978 Started to produce another an amino acid (leucine).
May,1981 Started to produce another amino acid
Apr,1985 Introduction of a computer control system into our distillation facility.
Jun,1987 Started to produce a Diltiazem (Herbesser) intermediate.

Started to Produce a D-aspartic acid by an immobilized enzyme method.


Completion of the 3rd plant construction, and installation of a reactor that can use a heat medium oil.


Completion of the 6th plant construction, and introduction of high-melting-point material flaking equipment and distillation equipment.

May,1992 Completion of the 5th plant construction, and introduction of a conical dryer.
Dec,1995 Started to produce an intermediate of an HIV Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitor Drug.
Jul,1997 Started to produce an intermediate of an HIV Protease Inhibitor Drug.
Jul,1997 Completion of the first interim construction of the 7th plant (a multipurpose plant).
Jun,1998 Started to produce an animal drug (sulfamoildapsone).
Jul,1999 Completion of the final construction of the 7th plant.
May,2001 Started to produce Feed-Grade Biotin.
Sep,2002 Completion of the 8th plant construction (API production facilities)
Nov,2002 Started to produce Pharma-Grade Biotin
Mar,2003 Introduction of the 6th plant (a pilot plant).
Jun,2006 Completion of the 9th plant construction, and introduction of liquid-phase air oxidation facilities and continuous concentration facilities.

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