Actions for Safety and Hygiene

Basic Policy for Safety and Hygiene

Putting Respect for Human Life as basic principle, Safety is placed maximum priority on for every work.

To realize the policy, we reinforce the safety and hygiene management system, and promote action for prevention of

labor accidents and environmental disaster through increasing the safety awareness of all employees.

Safety, Hygiene and Environmental Objectives

Serious丂accidents or disasters----------zero
Serious丂accidents affecting environment--zero
Labor accidents-----------------------zero

Priority Operations

侾丏丂Compliance of law

俀丏丂Compliance with SOPs and rules

俁丏丂Elimination of potential risk factors by pointing and calling and implementation of proactive

actions for any accidents anticipation

係丏丂Establishment of a mutual cooperation system

俆丏丂Enhancement of safety, hygiene and environmental trainings

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